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Original Soybean Tempeh Unpasteurized| 200g

Original Soybean Tempeh Unpasteurized| 200g

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Description -

As sold in Indonesia in ORIGINAL form. Soybean Tempeh or Tempe is a traditional Indonesian SOY product that is made from FERMENTED SOYBEANS. It is made from nature culturing and controlled fermented process that binds SOYBEANS into a CAKE form. It is nutrient dense soy product with high amount of protein as well as various vitamins and minerals. It is known to be good for the gut.

Tempeh is made by fermenting soybeans using a specific type of mold called Rhizopus oligosporus. The process involves soaking whole soybeans overnight, boiling them, and then cooling them. The soybeans are then mixed with the mold culture and left to ferment for about 24 to 48 hours at a warm temperature. During the fermentation process, the mold binds the soybeans together, creating a firm cake-like product with a nutty flavor and a slightly chewy texture. This fermentation process not only changes the texture and flavor of the soybeans but also makes them more digestible and increases the bioavailability of certain nutrients, such as protein and minerals, making tempeh a nutritious and versatile food.

Ingredients -

Non-GMO Soy beans, Vinegar, Fermentation, Filter Water.


Shelf Life & Storage -


Thaw it out 30 minutes before using.

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