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Tempeh Chips with various flavours and seasoning

Natural Fermentation

Our tempeh is naturally in-house-fermented with beneficial microorganisms such as Rhizopus Oligosporus.

Welcome to Tempeh Chennai's Tempeh Chips collection, where we invite you to savor the crunchy goodness of tempeh in various innovative forms. Our assortment includes Tempeh Chips, Tempeh Fritters, and Chickpea Tempeh Chips, crafted to offer a unique taste experience that's both satisfying and healthful. Whether you're a tempeh enthusiast or a newcomer, our collection caters to diverse palates and dietary preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Tempeh Chips - It provide a harmonious fusion of traditional tempeh's nutty essence with a contemporary, crunchy twist. Made from fermented soybeans, these chips pack a protein punch and are lightly seasoned with herbs and spices, perfect for snacking on the go or with your favorite dips.

Tempeh Fritters - It offers a delightful twist on the traditional tempeh experience, blending tempeh with fresh vegetables and spices, then lightly frying them to achieve a balance of crispy exterior and soft, flavorful interior. Each bite-sized morsel bursts with comforting yet invigorating flavors, ideal for gatherings or as a savory treat.

Chickpea Tempeh Chips - It present a unique twist by combining the nutritional benefits of chickpeas with tempeh's fermentation process. These chips are a powerhouse of protein and fiber, providing a satisfying crunch and serving as an excellent guilt-free snack option for health-conscious individuals.

At Tempeh Chennai, we're committed to offering high-quality, sustainable, and delicious tempeh-based snacks. From Peri-Peri Tempeh Chips to Balado Tempeh Chips and Sour Cream Tempeh Chips, our products are dedicated to promoting health and wellness. Join us on this delicious adventure and discover the endless possibilities that tempeh has to offer.