Hailing from an Indonesian Sindhi family on my mother's side, my childhood summers were spent in Indonesia.
Some of my happiest memories are interspersed with Indonesian food, culture, the people and the beautiful place which kept pulling at me. The pull was so strong that I took my first job at Jakarta and spent the eventful years of my youth first working a job then moving into business in Jakarta. After my marriage, i continued my export business with firms in Jakarta based out of Chennai.
Every time I used to travel to Indonesia for business , I used to gorge on Tempeh, a nutty, rich, fermented vegan protein which scores high on taste factor. I always rued the fact that it was not available in Chennai.
With the lockdown and the international travel restrictions for the better part of the year my craving for tempeh sprouted the idea of producing and marketing this superfood. We had all the time in our hands to perfect our locally made tempeh with a series of trial runs.
Our tempeh is prepared in a facility with state of the art in a hygienic environment. We have taken a 5000 square feet of constructed space to contiously expand our business. Our long term aim is to provide an array of healthy and fun options to promote clean eating.
Additionally we are having FSSI Certificate and are a registered startup company.