Storage of Tempeh:
  • TO BE COOKED WITHIN 1 WEEK FROM DELIVERY: store in freezer (0 degree C to 4 degree C)
  • TO BE COOKED WITHIN 6 MONTHS : store in freeze. 

( Thawing instructions) :

Move from freezer to refrigerator,  thaw for 1-2 hrs. Cook immediately.


My Tempeh is warm after receiving it. Is that fine?

This heat indicates freshness of your Tempeh! The heat that you feel is generated from within the tempeh while it is growing. Our tempeh is delivered fresh immediately upon making. You can freeze store it immediately after delivery to retain its freshness if you are planning to use a couple of weeks after delivery till 3 months. Refrigeration is enough if you plan to use within the week of delivery.

My Tempeh  has holes in it!!

This is intentional. The oxygen through these little holes allow the tempeh to breathe during the fermentation process.


What is the White Stuff on Tempeh?

In this fermentation process we spoke about before, mold will grow to form white mycelium which will cover the soy/ chickbean’s surface and around the space between each bean. This mycelium will agglutinate the beans, forming a dense and soft mass to form the cake like end product which is Tempeh.

Can I Eat Tempeh without cooking it?

Technically yes. It is made from cooked beans so it can be eaten raw. However it is much tastier cooked and it is a protein that absorbs flavour really well so its great fun to play around with Tempeh and use it in a variety of recipes. We recommend cooked Tempeh to the raw version.

How do I Cook Tempeh?

Tempeh can be steamed , boiled , pan fried , deep fried or crumbed and added to gravies to add character. It is easy to cooked and adapts itself into flavors really well.

Be sure not to overcook it as it will become tough and hard.


  1. If you try any adventurous recipes with our Tempeh, please tag our INSTAGRAM page and FACEBOOK page . Share the fun!!! TAG US @TEMPEHCHENNAI. We are always looking forward to your version of our product!

Can Toddlers or Elderly Eat Tempeh?

Yes. Just like many other legumes, tempeh contains powerful B-vitamins (B2, B3, and B6) that fuel your baby’s brain and cell development. Tempeh also has loads of plant-based iron, calcium, and protein—more than double the amount in tofu—plus copper, which helps your baby absorb all that iron and grow strong. Aside from its beneficial minerals and nutrients, tempeh has another big advantage over tofu: probiotics.

Ensure you introduce this new food after 12 months and follow the 3 day rule to observe for any allergies.

Tempeh can also be a source of protein for the elderly. Cook the tempeh to a soft texture so that it is easier to chew.

Double check suitability of tempeh for your toddler or elder, with your personal physician.

What are the Black Spots on Tempeh?

Black spots on Tempeh indicate that the Tempeh is fully mature and is absolutely safe for consumption. 

How can I tell if my Tempeh has Gone Bad?

 The first and most obvious is the smell. It will smell like rotten fruit or ammonia or have an alcoholic smell. Tempeh should not have any bacterial or mold growth other than those created by the Rhizopus spores. If there’s mold on your tempeh that’s yellow or green, it is not to be consumed. Also check if the tempeh is slimy or limp and mushy to touch, as that’s another indicator of Tempeh past its life.


Our experience with our favorite delivery partner is about 2-3days. However our delivery partner delivers in 24 hours 99% of the time within India as we do AIR courier. Also we are using insulated boxes in which the TEMPEH is stored at frozen temperatures immediately after making it. On its own the Tempeh can handle 3 days of transit without any issue as we only deliver fresh. Within Chennai city we use bikes and you should get delivery in two hours.


We use INSULATED BOXES in which we kept pre-frozen TEMPEH along with the ice. Many customers who receive goods after 48 hours have told the TEMPEH was still frozen. Also the Tempeh will remain fresh even after 72 hours as the tempeh mycelium culture has been stopped for 48 hours. We use SPECIAL COURIER in which most of our outstation customers have given feedback that the goods reach our customer within 12 hours to 24 hours. 


Return Policy or Refund Policy:-

Since this is fresh food we do not accept returns. However we will compensate if our forwarder has missed the delivery or is the reason for delay. Any other unforeseen situation we can consider as we are still a startup and learning . Please get in touch with us.