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Chickpea Tempeh Unpasteurized 200g

Chickpea Tempeh Unpasteurized 200g

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Same as Original Soy Tempeh or Tempe but the grain has been replaced by CHICKPEA instead. This is a variant from the original TRADITIONAL TEMPEH as popular in Indonesia.  

BORED OF SOYBEAN TEMPEH ???? Kabuli Tempeh is a larger, lighter coloured bean with a smoother coat. Chickpeas come in a variety of colours—green, black, brown and red, though the most popular and recognized colour is beige. They have a buttery texture and nutty taste Health Benefits Since tempeh is a fermented food, it is very rich in probiotics, which aid in digestion and improve overall health.

Tempeh is also: Rich in protein: even if chickpeas have less protein than soybeans, they still contain 15g per cup, which makes them a great meat replacement. What does chickpea tempeh taste like? A softer taste than soy tempeh as well as for soy tempeh, fresh chickpea tempeh has a soft mushroomy flavour, from the Rhizopus' mycelium. This taste doesn't disappear when cooking, but rather transforms itself from a mild and fresh smell to a slightly stronger flavour of fried mushrooms.

Veg/Vegan Protein | Dairy & Gluten Free | Gut-Friendly | High Fiber | Low Carb | Imagine Tofu with a Bite

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