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Himalayan Salt & Pepper Chickpea Tempeh Chips | 100g

Himalayan Salt & Pepper Chickpea Tempeh Chips | 100g

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Veg/Vegan Protein | Dairy & Gluten Free | Gut-Friendly | High Protein | High Fiber | Low Carb |

We've got a lot of love for delicious snacks, but we're also very conscious of what we put in our bodies. Our Organic Tempeh Chips are just as crunchy as your favorite potato chips, with the addition of a hearty and slightly nutty flavour. It's a perfect snack for those looking for a healthier indulgence! 

Crispy and savoury tempeh with a hint of salt, these crisps are made with utmost love and care through our own in-house fermentation techniques that we have acquired over many years of artisanal tempeh making. With just the right amount of crunch and a light soy tang, these chips are perfect for anything from game day snacks to school lunches.


Handcrafted Organic Tempeh Chips 

Ingredients : Fermented Chickpea, Tapioca, Cold Pressed Oil, Himalayan Salt, White Pepper, No Preservative, Keto friendly hand-picked ethical ingredients.

Shelf Life : 4 months from delivery date.

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