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Hot and Spicy-Peri Peri Soybean Thins Slices Tempeh | 200g

Hot and Spicy-Peri Peri Soybean Thins Slices Tempeh | 200g

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Tempeh is great for the gut and easy to digest unlike Paneer which is dairy based and can be hard on the gut. Good replacement of mean and is Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free.

If you're looking to whip up nutritious meals in a matter of minutes, our flavoured tempeh bundle is for you. Ready to heat from the pack, packed with protein & fibre and made of natural ingredients. Our Tempeh Hot and Spicy Fireball packs a real punch. Crafted with 3 different Indian chilies and garlic, it delivers spicy and savoury undertones from the fermented red and black beans to create a legendary flavour. Amp up the heat - It's time to make Sriracha feel jealous. 100% Natural | Freshly Crafted | No MSG | Vegetarian.

200g- Veg/Vegan Protein | Dairy & Gluten Free | Gut-Friendly | High Fiber | Low Carb | Imagine Tofu with a Bite


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