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Tempe Starter Culture - Non-Soy Based (Makes 5kg)

Tempe Starter Culture - Non-Soy Based (Makes 5kg)

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Craft-Your-Own Tempeh with our Tempeh Starter Culture, which is a naturally occurring and premium food grade culture.

It is 100% vegan, gluten-free & non-GMO. Tempeh is a super food. Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food, made by fermenting soybeans with a starter culture. It has a rich smoky flavour and nutty aroma with a firm, creamy texture. It is a great source of protein and vitamin B-12.

Fermentation aids in developing natural umami flavour which will make you fell in love with it.

It is a wholesome meat alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste, nutrition or versatility. The “Tempeh Starter Culture” contains 10 grams of Rhizopus oligosporus. Using this pack, you can create up to 5 kilograms of Tempeh.

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