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Pack of 5 Marinated Chickpea Tempeh | 200g

Pack of 5 Marinated Chickpea Tempeh | 200g

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Sweet & Spicy Tempeh

Schezwan Tempeh

Hot & Spicy - Peri Peri Tempeh

Chilli Garlic Tempeh

Enjoy Our Bundle Of Tempeh with 5 Flavours

If you're looking to whip up nutritious meals in a matter of minutes, our flavoured tempeh bundle is for you. Ready to heat from the pack, packed with protein & fibre and made of natural ingredients Tempeh is your secret ingredient to getting mouth-watering, food at home, every time.

This ready-to-cook stir-Tempeh is infused with our in-house flavours which makes it insanely flavourful and addictive. We bet you can't stop at one dish! 100% Natural | Freshly Crafted | No MSG | Vegetarian


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